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  1. @DTLow Oh sorry, those links are grey, didn't notice them, thought they are footer... the chat is offline now, the email is for paid users, and the "community" option is where I am now... as for twitter... nice, will try!
  2. Then what do you mean by contacting Evernote support?
  3. they require monthly subscription to send them an email........
  4. It must have been a few months since I last used the tags function. But now when I log back in, I found all my tag groups are gone, and all tags are scattered around with no tag group whatsoever... I'm curious, this issue is never reported????? I know for sure I have my tag group before Evernote has that huge UI upgrade in iOS... after that I don't remember checking my tags...
  5. Currently there are two tiny yet a bit annoying problem: You have to go all the way out to press that sync button you have to scroll all the way up to press that "Full Screen" button especially in iPad that's annoying, if you have a long note. Positioning as an all-purpose heavy usage note taking app, these are details to pay attention to...
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