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  1. That's another good example of how bad this type of popup is, running a presentation in front of colleagues and then boom, obnoxious Evernote wants to interrupt!
  2. Free alternatives. If I needed the extra cool functionality of Evernote I'd have to pay, which I haven't and don't currently need. Comparatively to Evernote Free, they are alternatives. Trello is particularly good out of those, I'm not entirely sure why I stopped using it.
  3. You don't think it is a problem, opinion noted but as this topic is about me and others believing it is a problem. Kindly leave it be. Just to re-iterate: On top of that alternatives include: Google Keep Simplenote Trello OneNote and the old trusty pad and paper That's just to name a few, I could go on but I don't think there is any need.
  4. I believe I was quite clear, so see my previous posts. Especially the last one you've just read as it sums up why it's a problem quite nicely.
  5. It's the type of popup really, I have a lot of things open and this bloody massive thing just come up over anything I am working on. I also use Sublime and that has an alert to say if you like this product consider paying, I don't moan about this though because it only happens when I'm using the product. In regards to your comment "Don't overestimate", don't presume to know what I would or wouldn't say and to whom. That's kind of irritating summing up a strangers potential words. Let's be honest here the ability to store notes is not something exclusive to Evernote there are many, alternatives and I really only tried Evernote as a gamble, I have zero loyalty to it. I understand Evernote does actually have some exclusive features and I would expect to pay for those, however I personally don't need them. If I ever found myself needing them though and my circumstances change having a loyal user that hasn't been pissed off is going to almost guarantee a premium subscription. In summary having a strong user base, whether it's free or paid is a good thing, that user base is spoilt for choice so treat them right and change this intrusive popup to an application contained one and do it soon before you lose too many users.
  6. Me too, it's such a closed minded opinion too. I've had literally no problem recommending Evernote to friends or in public forums so even though I'm not paying it is in the realms of possibility that one of the people I'm recommending your "great" product to will in fact buy it over the alternatives. Word of mouth is king with software. I'm quite active online in tech communities, don't underestimate what a non paying customer can do in a positive or negative way.
  7. I have the very latest version and it's still coming up, how can I disable this? I don't want Premium, I'm a light user and I don't want to be pestered about upgrading because I'm using 500KB of their precious server space and they'd rather I paid for it. There are alternatives out there and I will move if I have to.
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