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  1. @JMichael Bug report sent. Thank you for the steps, I must have chosen the wrong drop down option last time which brought me here to the forums.
  2. @Metrodon I had seen that they're trying to do help through @evernotehelps, but since it's an issue that they have to make a new version to fix, twitter didn't seem the appropriate place. @JMichael Thank you for the link, I was trying to find a place to view known bugs and had yet to come across this. I'll know where to look in the future.
  3. I just updated my Evernote because it had been a few versions since the last time, and now my Evernote is practically useless on my Mac. When I go in to edit a note in the middle of a sentence the program will automatically select the text between where I'm typing and the end of the sentence. Which essentially makes it so that I have to type one character at a time if I want to adjust anything. I have to type one character press the back arrow and then type again, rinse and repeat. I'm having a horrible time trying to find a place to report this issue so that it can be fixed ASAP because it has made Evernote completely unusable. I'm on a MacBook Pro Retina running Mac OS X 10.7.5 with Evernote 6.0.15 installed. And yes I reinstalled Evernote fresh from the website. I only have Evernote Basic, which seems to make it impossible to tell the Evernote team that there is an issue, since this is not an issue that I can solve for myself. Any suggestions on how to get this to their attention would be appreciated.
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