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  1. thanks Chuck - afraid I don't follow that too clearly re PDFs and where they do/don't end up - my other note mentions my 'first go' with 6.1 and a couple of queries I had. Thanks.
  2. Just had a quick try of Penultimate 6.1 and it does seem slicker and some of the fixes have made a positive difference - nice to be able to easily scroll down pages and it seems to respond a bit quicker to clicks on folders/notes to open them. It is still laborious getting back to where one was previously - this becomes a MAJOR issue when one is doing something which requires one to move in/out/in of Penultimate e.g. where one is reading something on iBooks (say) and making separate written notes in Penultimate of key points as they crop up. Other writing programs (I have bamboo, OneNote and Noteshelf) don't seem to have this issue. Three queries if I may - not sure if this is the right place to pose them: * can you move a note from one notebook to another? * related to the last point - is their a Penultimate 'manual' so one can first study that and not hassle busy people like you folk to respond to such queries? * I see sometimes one seems to start in non-writing mode and one then needs to click the icon in the top right to move to writing mode again - no problem with that but can one move from writing mode back to scrolling mode? If so, how please? thanks
  3. thanks Chuck I will revisit Penultimate but will only use it if the problem of having to click through so many tabs/windows/menus (with a few seconds delay between each) to get back to where one was working has been addressed. Have to say do appreciate the fact that someone from Penultimate is responsive and aware of our concerns. thanks also Omnizen for ideas and which I am sure will be helpful to other readers as well. I have made a note to check out Notes Plus although I probably now have enough of these apps (3) to go on with. All the best
  4. thanks Chuck and apologies for my rudeness - I am afraid Penultimate has simply been SO frustrating it drove me to despair - it was also annoying that what was once a great little program seems to have gone backwards, not improved - I have in the meantime purchased another app and re-started using OneNote (which now supports handwriting (albeit not as well as others) which has a much better file structure and in One Note it is possible to get back to exactly where one was previously working without clicking through 4 or 5 pages/tabs which Penultimate requires (arguably its most annoying 'feature' - thanks for update re PDFs but I still wonder where the PDFs I created have gone? They comprised confidential client notes that I need to know are safe. Many thanks.
  5. Sounds like a bizarre query I know but given the hassles I and it seems everyone else is having I am going to switch until this thing (Penultimate) gets back to being usable, especially for normal humans. Kindly advise what other writing programs you use and recommend. I read somewhere that Good Notes is good?I presently use One Note and it is much better in structure etc. but hand writing quality is poor - very jiggly. Thanks
  6. Hi folks - one of the things I have been doing is making hand written notes of important points from eBooks I am reading. Problem with doing this in Penultimate USA: - unless I have used P very recently it never remembers where I last was - to go back then requires about 5 clicks and delays to get back to the note Frustrating and caused me to revert to One Note PS: one thing I do like is the quality of the hand writing - much better than One Note Better go - Big Brother is watching me - now told I can only make 3 more posts today!
  7. Hi there - can't believe it reading this forum for first time seeing all the hassles folk are having with Penultimate and realising it is what I have been experiencing - what a tragedy Evernote took over what was a great little app. Honestly whoever is 'improving' this program now seems to be from another planet - things simply do not work intuitively. My latest hassle - it says you can supposedly export PDFs but they seem to disappear into the ether. Anyone know where they go, which is a worry as these are very confidential notes of discussions with clients. Many thanks
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