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  1. I also HATE the formatting of text in Evernote. Examples: 1) When editing a list of check boxes on my Iphone, the indentation will be a complete mess. 2) When working on the Windows add-in, the format is constantly changing, for instance using the checkboxes (it jumps to Tahoma 11. Why??? I was working in Calibri 10). It can just be me, but this really annoys me. If you can't offer proper text formatting, don't do it. Now we are stuck in the middle. Formatting is important, as you may want to quickly copy-paste formatted text from Evernote into an email to share it with others. For instance, I would like to use standard texts to explain certain concepts that I use a lot in my communication with clients (including a title in bold and including links to webpages) that have to be copied into texts in Word or in emails quickly. Unfortunately, that is not so easy at all. It would be very helpful to have the following functions: * paste & merge formatting * copy and paste formatting (ctrl-shift-c and ctrl-shift-v in MSWord) By the way, is this board ever checked by the Evernote? It has been running for years without a solution, let alone a reaction. I have just upgraded to PLUS with the intention of using Evernote more, but this makes it a lot less attractive...
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