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  1. I'm a basic user and I'd like to upgrade to the plus version, but I don't like the package. For example: my usage of Evernote is personal, not for business or for collaborations between students and so, I'm not interested in features like "share into Evernote". I'm not a business user and so, my phone's PIN get the job done, I don't need a double protection. To me, the best and tempting "plus version" offering should be this: - upload 1GB - web clipper - sync between devices - save emails - offline notes - JUST ONE FEATURE OF YOUR CHOICE between all the other premium features (share into Evernote, pass code, notes into pdf file, serching into files, previous versions of notes...). Personally, I need the "previous versions of notes" feature. The idea is: user, with the plus version you can have a solid offering, but not all, pay for what you need the most and choose. In addition, I have another advice: I wish I have the possibility to export all my note in a pdf file. This is a real need. I suggest you to make this feature under the "pay every time" model. User: Evenote I need to export in a pdf file?. Evernote: no problem, pay 5 euros. In two years: User: Evenote I need to export in a pdf file again?. Evernote: no problem, pay 5 euros again. With this changes, then I will become a paying user soon. I hope to be helpful and that you take serious consideration my suggestions. Bye.
  2. I know, thanks. but this is a bug to fix because I dont have to be forced to remember all the notebooks names. bye
  3. I'm using your web clipper extension for Chrome on Windows 7 (PC display res 1366x768). The problem is the web clipper doesn't mak me select the last notebook of my list of notebooks. Even moving the scroll bar of the list of notebook, I can select up to the penultimate notebook. In practice, the last notebook is "under" the windows application bar. Can you fix, please?. Thanks.
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