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  1. http://beebom.com/2015/02/best-evernote-alternatives
  2. Blah Blah Blah evernote this evernote that if you woke up tomorrow and evernote was gone because they couldn't make any money because people said ***** evernote i'm sure there would be %0 of these biased comments lol idc realy evernote be stupid be spammy i'm out Remember spam is spam. Peace
  3. They should it's not a good practice and if i needed to upgrade to a premium account because i needed more space i would pay.... I'm not paying for something when i don't need it. Stop spamming me evernote you'll be loosing customers potential customers this way if you keep this up i'll never upgrade and i'll probly just stop using evernote.
  4. Spam is unwanted messages...
  5. Targeted marketing lol more like spam.... i dont want to upgrade so dont spam me.
  6. I've been using evernote for years just for txt based notes. It's been working great i never loose my notes and i dont need to upgrade or pay since i dont use any space. Anyways i've been getting spammed with this popup on my computer it's so fkn annoying and if it wont stop i'll just stop using evernote and tell everyone i know to not use it. I dont like spam if i wanted to pay i would if i needed it stop spamming me.
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