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  1. That's why I stopped using Evernote years ago... don't tell the Engineering team (find/replace feature is peanuts for them), let financial/marketing team know...
  2. September 6th, 2015. Nothing. Still waiting for more than 3 light-years... I wonder what can be the "technical difficulty" to port code from other operating systems which already have "Find & Replace" inside Evernote... shameful.
  3. Nice people at Evernote We are in 2015 (!) and at least since 2012 people are begging for a simple "Find & Replace" in Evernote... A quick search for this subject inside Evernote forums returns: About 719 results (0.36 seconds) Should we wait patiently for next millennium or is this a subtle note to say you don't want more Evernote users in Mac OS X ? Cheers,
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