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  1. Upgraded on a Mac and unable to edit a stack name. Tried removing all the Notebooks from the stack and creating anew stack however the problem was not resolved. Renaming stack works fine on an iPad.
  2. Problem is they are promoting it as a business app and charging us a monthly fee per user. Some of the problems arising are proving very little beta testing was done.
  3. When you search for a note and the result matches to 10 or 20 notes, if you select the note you wish to view it opens the note that is visible at the top of the list. (-: I have not been able to work out how to edit a tag. The options appear to be delete and star. Not even sure star works. (-:
  4. I like the new multiple tag search on the iPad. It appears as though the edit feature only provides "delete" and "star" options. I have not worked out how to edit the spelling of a tag as you could in the previous version.
  5. I have a note book called "Contacts" I send a vCard for new contacts and store it in the Contacts notebook. I then create a tag for each customer. I have a seperate note books for sales leads, quotes, sales, repairs, office etc and then an "Archive" notebook for once it is actioned. I have a numbering system for grouping that I add to titles to search for related notes for sales and projects. I use the same numbering system in my spreadsheet for tracking totals. My motivation for using Evernote is ease of importing data, cross platform and I can store the current data on my device so as to not be dependent on an Internet connection.
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