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  1. Paid user for past year or so. I am a chronic note taker. Prior to consolidating my "thoughts and ideas" into one single note, I would create a note for every single flash thought it cool thing I read. No issues at that time. Should note, I run Evernote on my iPhone and iPad predominately but do also have the desktop software on my work PC and home MacBook Pro (although I rarely open the desktop software on either computer). My challenge is this, I consolidated the bulk of these disparate notes down to one single LONG note and now said note does not sync correctly. It only becomes larger and larger as it attempts to sync itself doubling in size. Evernote on my iPad won't even stay open. It just closes as soon as the background syncing initiates. You can tell that it basically says, no thanks and closes. This has been going on for two years now at least and I have tried copying my note from Evernote over to a Microsoft word doc so that I can then go and purge all of the redundant content. I then create a new note and start all over and save it, and sync it. The problem is, I do this on my desktop and my Evernote account looks clean and it looks like I have remedied the problem. But then the changes that I made, erasing the original compilation note, adding the content back as a new note, is not reflected across all my devices. I have artifact notes reflecting the old previously erased note on my iPad for example. I'm on the verge of giving up. It's just too unwieldy to deal with and I don't like the fact that when I add content to this one long compilation note, I can't trust that it will be reflected on my other devices. I actually have many instances where I've added content to this long compilation note via my iPad and it has never shown up on my iPhone. My question, what do I do? Has anybody else had this problem?
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