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  1. "Create Table of Contents Note" - thanks for this find. "My process is to adjust the dates, or prefix the titles so notes are sorted to the top of the list" - I'm doing the same today. I use the date of note backward and then try and use other characters to force the order that the notes appear (i.e. if note was taken today, I would have the note title begin "20171215-1...")
  2. Background: I have been creating overall content page "parent" notes which simply list all the related "child" notes in one place (by copying each "child" note link into this one "parent" overall content page), but sometimes it is difficult to find these "parent" notes. Today I create a link of the parent note into each "child" note so that I can traverse across the group of notes taken (i.e. during a training program). However, it would be great to have a note linking feature where I could graphically have links to other notes from a parent note. Asking for this because we get a lot
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