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  1. Yes, I regularly use IE and Chrome. Both are working well. I saw JMichael's post #2 earlier and checked my settings... exactly as JMichael recommended. I am a Premium user. I will call out the big guns and file a support ticket referencing this post. Thanks very much for all the time you put into helping myself and others. Really appreciate it!
  2. Gazumped, I followed your directions with care. Made a copy of the Database folder and saved it on an external drive (just in case). Downloaded and ran the free Revo uninstaller. From the standard Revo settings, I did the "deep scan" and removed everything related to previous Evernote installations. Restarted the computer and logged on as Adminitrator. Downloaded and installed Evernote 5.8.13. Upon completion of the installation process, I got the following dialog box...Could not connect to server. You need to be online to register or perform an initial sync. Please check your internet connection. Obviously, I am online and signed into my Evernote account. But the app doesn't "see" the connection.
  3. Removed 5.8.12 and tried to install 5.8.13. Still, while installing the app Evernote cannot connect to the EN server. Further attempts to reveal a dialog box from EN that says there is no internet connection. Obviously, there is, but EN does not recognize it. Something in the 5.8.12 install must have corrupted my machine.
  4. gazumped, I am using Windows 8.1 Pro on my desktop. I have no problem browsing. I use both IE and Chrome equally, with no issues whatsoever. Nothing has changed on my PC, with the exception of the update on the Evernote software. It might be worth noting that I also run Windows 8.1 Pro on my Surface Pro 3 notebook and have no problems at all with Evernote, but I did not update the Evernote software on the Surface Pro. All my notes are there. When I add or change a note on the Surface Pro or my iPhone 6, they both sync and it works as seamlessly as ever. gazumped, thanks very much for your support. It's much appreciated!
  5. Thanks again gazumped. I downloading an older version from filehippo. When the installer tried to access Evernote's server, I got a similar message... "The Installer was unable to access the server. Please try again later."
  6. Thanks gazumped. Went back to download an earlier version and I am Getting a message that I "cannot access the server."
  7. This update is a real problem. How can I go back to the previous release?
  8. Same thing happened to me. After updating, the program will not load and I get a message that says "Cannot connect to server. Try again later."
  9. Since updating to Evernote, I can not sync. I get a message "Synchronization failed- can not connect to Evernote Server." I checked the Evernote Status and all is good. So, I restarted my computer (no change), then uninstalled and reinstalled Evernote. Still doesn't sync. Evernote is working fine on my iPhone and the web. I signed out of my account on the application running in windows and then tried to sign back in and I got the message "Can't connect to server. Please try again later." Whazzup?
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