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  1. I know that this is an old thread but I have only just seen it. It would appear that hotjar is also accepts "Do Not Track" as an opt-out. So if your browser(s) have Do Not Track switched on the hotjar site says:
  2. In light of the fall-out from the planned policy change I may be getting a tad paranoid. If so I apologise. However I saw that the planned policy change also stated, I could not find the above statement on the current policy so I assume that it is yet to be implemented. I could also not find this aspect of the policy being mentioned in the forum (but this may just be due to my poor searching skills) So are Evernote wanting to use Evernote account information to search for personal data held by other companies to "profile" their customers? <ParanoiaAlert> I mention this because "profession, interests, and preferences" are only examples of what they would like to collect and not the limit. Also providing "... relevant tips or suggestions for using your account" is only an example of what they would then use the data for.</ParanoiaAlert> I know that the planned policy change has been withdrawn but does anyone know what the above policy statement, if ever implemented, would actually mean in real life?
  3. Another thread linked to this bug https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/86151-read-only-access-you-cannot-edit-this-note/
  4. Another thread linked to this bug: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/86151-read-only-access-you-cannot-edit-this-note/
  5. One of my machines had recently been imaged prior to this notification bug / undocumented feature. I restored the image (with the 5.8.8 client in it) and there was no "Read-Only Access" notification. I have used the machine over several days and despite numerous reboots the warning never appeared. I then let Evernote upgrade to 5.8.13 and "voila" it was back upon the very first reboot. So this IS definitely a bug that has crept in since 5.8.8. (or crept back in if you look at some of the older posts) Bug reported - "Your issue has been assigned support ticket #1147039"
  6. Out of desperation I tried this. I had to show "Announcements" in the Left Panel first because I do not have it shown by default. Anyway, it didn't work for me. Still getting the message.......
  7. gazumped, Apologies, I missed the nuances of your comment about the "feature". I was feeling a tad exasperated as this is not the only application "update" that has caused me problems in the past few days. It just gets to me where an update appears to cause more problems than it solves when "undocumented features" (the term I often use to describe what you described ) come to light. With regards to suggestions others have made: Turning off the sync seems to pretty much undermine the main feature of actually having the Evernote client running and I don't need to go hunting for shared notebooks because I have never had any. Thanks for the pointers anyway. A hidden window revealer showed me that Evernote is still open on the desktop but invisible when it is "minimised" to the system tray icon and the "Read Only" dialog appears about where the main search dropdown above the Note List is located. I am wondering if delaying the running of Evernote until my system has settled down a bit as Windows loads may help. Thanks for the list of older client versions.
  8. I do not use shared notebooks and after being asked to upgrade my Evernote clients to " (276127) Public" I now get the same pop-up appearing upon boot (Win7 x64) when the first sync takes place. Opening and closing Evernote from the tray icon clears it. This did not happen before and now happens on every machine that has " (276127) Public" on it. I would suggest that this is actually more of a "bug-not-a-feature thing" because for the life of me I cannot see what use this feature would be. Why would anyone want a "feature" that tells them that they cannot edit a note they have not selected, in a client they have not opened, for a shared notebook they do not have? Is this a bug with a hidden Evernote window? Can anyone point me in the direction of a trusted repository of older Evernote clients so I can downgrade?
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