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  1. "Simple text hosting" still costs money, and since you're not even prepared to use a free tool if it tries to encourage you to pay for more features, I wonder how many options you'll find. What ever options I find that does not annoy me for money every time I log in. Clearly you are annoyed by my annoyance, your comment is not helpful.
  2. Hello dear Notes lovers, I am sorry but I will never pay for a note taking program, ever, this model is broken in my opinion I have been using Evernote for years but now I have a feeling that I will get harassed for money via annoying publicity since last patch, it slows me down and really annoys me that they play with that argument to try and get money from me for simple text hosting. I will be looking for open source private cloud options, or change my way of taking notes via simple scripts. Best regards,
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