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  1. Thanks Terry. I appreciate the message. It still isn't completely working for me. I added the 'Store' command to the ribbon but it's greyed out. Honestly I'll just use the email to EN work-around. This is taking more time than I care to further invest in it. Thanks for your words!
  2. Not finding your instructions working here...? If I have Evernote on My Win 10 machine and Outlook 2013, I'm not seeing a way to install this. It just takes me to the web app, and when I come back and try to do Outlook 2013, there's nothing to download. Am I missing something? Evernote v. 5.8.13 Evernote Corp. 7/6/2015 233 MB Microsoft Outlook 2013 (15.0.4737.1DD01 MSO (15.01473711001) 64-bit Part of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 -had successfully removed clipper, etc. before attempting btw. Is it not possible just to put a direct link to the Outlook 2013 Add-in? I've been all over each of the links and found nothing that works. I'm pretty techie, so wondering if it's just not me? Certainly MS can be obtuse, but a little help please?
  3. Same issue here running Win 8.1 and Outlook 2013. EN clipper has been crashing Outlook as soon as it's touched for the last 6 weeks. PLEASE fix it. Huge hassle.
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