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  1. Ok, fair enough. But I wonder if the Evernote team would agree with you that Evernote is not for 'serious' note takers. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that it's probably the case, by the way that Evernote Team doesn't seem to focus on the process of actually taking notes. But happy to admit when I'm wrong and move on. Thank you for your feedback and insight.
  2. Ok, fair enough, that's what you use it for. But please show me where on the Evernote home page they describe the product as a digital filing system? They don't. It's a product for taking notes. That's what the name describes, that's what they describe it is on their website. Sure. they have features for files, pdfs, etc.. I use them too. Their great (when they work). But they don't advertise Evernote as a digital filing system. So the "serious" note takers, people who take notes for work, school, etc., people who might have different subsets/topics within a single 'note', might want an outline of the note, those people should probably find a better product? Those people aren't the target audience for Evernote?
  3. Really? paying customers have no insight into what the core experience is? Evernote is a note taking product. That's their core experience, and the editor is a key element in that. I don't understand how that's a controversial thing to say? Styling/headers/etc. isn't necessarily a one-off feature that a select few want. I didn't state it was simple, I stated that it's not 5 years worth of work.
  4. Respectfully, there are threads requesting this basic feature since 2011. Respectfully, the processing of taking the notes is the core experience, and yet, seems to be the most ignored by Evernote. As a paying customer, this frustrates me as well. One gripe about the forums, is that the Gurus seem (IMO) to spend too much time making excuses for Evernote or telling people why they are wrong (e.g. "For sure; a core basic idea for a Word Processing application. As you found out, the Evernote editor is more suited to creating ..... notes" .... as if creating/organizing notes has nothing to do with headings/ToC/etc.. People don't just create notes, and then never look at them again. They create notes to later find/read them. Styling/etc. helps us do that.) While I do appreciate people taking the time to *help* us solve problems, opinions about why Evernote is justified in taking 5+ years to develop core features, or why those aren't really core features, doesn't really help us in any way.
  5. "some day" ... exactly "if there is some feature you need not offered by EN, use a different editor" ... If this sentiment is also shared by the Evernote team, that's part of the problem. I thought the purpose of Evernote was to increase productivity. "Use something else" doesn't seem like a good solution or the attitude of people that want to make great products/services. I know a product can't be everything to everybody, but if Evernote went to the trouble of implementing features annotating for PDF, clearly annotation was part of what they feel is important, so it seems strange they would leave this out. I doubt I'm in the minority of people who think this would be useful, but perhaps I'm wrong.
  6. Yeah, this is frustrating for me. Another example of basic features missing from Evernote. For example, I store pdf books in Evernote, and want to read and highlight by being able to select the text (the free-form highlighting looks terrible and is not as fast). I just want to open the pdf, select the text, and highlight. It seems like that should be a basic annotation feature. I read a couple suggestions like "Opening the PDF in Preview is likely to offer you the best "traditional" annotating experience. Just double click the attachment icon and it should open in preview (or whatever you have set as your default PDF reader)" I double click and it opens in Preview, but when I make a highlight or change to the pdf in Preview, i get the message "The origin document can't be changed, so a duplicate with your changes has been created." This isn't as seamless as suggested.
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