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  1. Just trying to point out that it is reasonable for people to expect to be able to add a row in iOS. If not with the TAB key (because there isn't any), then EN should provide an iOS alternative, perhaps similar to what they have on the Mac with the "bullet" that turns into a "plus". I think it is in the interest of EN to have (near) parity between platforms. In the end this is just an opinion.
  2. Install a 3rd party keyboard to 'solve' the problem? I'd call that a workaround, not a solution. I can also walk to my Mac, open the note, add the rows with a real tab key and return to my iPad. Also a workaround, not a solution.
  3. EN keeps adding silly features instead of focusing on essential usability features like addressing this issue.
  4. Every time I use Evernote and every time EN announces some whizbang feature I am annoyed at this omission. I have a lot of programming snippets that require fixed font styling. Predefined styles are natural for this. This can't be difficult to implement.
  5. This is a weird omission indeed. Please add this functionality.
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