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  1. Thanks for your post. I've worked out what the problem was: the files I wanted to see in archive folders were in the top four open files slots. Once I'd created some more notes and pushed them out of the list, the archives appeared. This behaviour feels a little odd, but at least I understand it now. Does Marxico have any awareness of Evernote's stacks? If not, is that going to be appearing in a future update?
  2. Gock, you've created a wonderful tool in Marxico. I'm a convert from notational velocity and I find being able to see the markup as I type has improved the quality of my documentation significantly. I've a small issue: Marxico seems to have a difficulty finding my notebooks: in the left-hand list pane I can't see any of the notebooks in a separate stack created post marxico integration. Marxico doesn't appear to be aware of stacks at all. Is this something you are aware of? Thank-you for your hard work. Tim.
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