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  1. Thanks EdH, Mike, it sounds like you have two copies of EN installed. I would contact support. What you will essentially have to do is uninstall from the Windows control panel, then manually remove the other copy, then reinstall. They can give you more complete instructions including saving your current database so after installing, you don't need to redownload everything. Thanks Ed, I'll look into that, although I don't know how I could have installed two copies of EN. Wouldn't it have found a previously installed copy and updated it, or was there a bug in an earlier version? Anyway, I'll contact support as you suggest.
  2. Most days I get pop-ups telling me that a new version of Evernote is available and I eventually install the update. (Ther image link below is a Copy.com share) Image 1 link below shows a copy of the Evernote install entry in Control Panel and you can see that it is version, which is the latest available. When I click Help - About... directly after the install, it confirms that 5.8.8 is indeed installed. This is shown below in the Image 2 link But, if I quit Evernote completely or when I reboot, Help - About... says that I have installed. Shown below in the Image 3 link. Has anyone else had this problem? The Copy.com link contains the following jpg files: image1.jpg - Latest Version Installedimage2.jpg - Help - About... straight after installimage3.jpg - Help - About... after quitting Evernote completely or after a reboot https://www.copy.com/s/L0R3yhKux2WZPZn2
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