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  1. I'd like Evernote to be that editor that supports flowcharts...
  2. Hi, I'm wondering why Evernote doesn't have native support for flowcharts (like Lucidchart, MindNode, Visio, etc). I often find myself wanting to make some sort of diagram with blocks, arrows, lines, etc but I can't do it in Evernote without using a different service. Does anyone know if something like this is coming? As a paid customer and avid user of Evernote, it seems like the feature list for Evernote hasn't moved beyond basic notes, lists, and tables (without a full implementation to include iOS). I would love to have other note types beyond simple text, lists, and tables. Thanks!
  3. Same here. I've just been through the login cycle. Downgraded to Version 6.13.2 just so I could log in and use Evernote.
  4. Simplify Formatting has always removed formatting (bold, italics, larger text, etc) and made the text standard size and returned line spacing to default just like it currently does on iOS and Windows (and older versions of Evernote for Mac). It changed in this Beta. What is it supposed to do now?
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