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  1. This would have been a big deal for me a couple years back, but Evernote's lack of commitment to Windows phone has been apparent for a while. (Using Evernote on my Lumia 640 has basically been an unstable dumpster fire for the last 18 months). I've loved this incredibly affordable phone, and despite all, I still believe the windows phone OS is the best I've ever used for how I actually use a phone on a daily basis... but this chapter is closing: my new iPhone arrives on Friday.
  2. I agree, in terms of letting the devs know there is an issue. But I'm guessing there are many users like me who visit the 'iOS Help' forum to see if others are experiencing the same issue, and if there is a fix or work-around. That's sort of the purpose of a help forum.
  3. I've seen this mentioned in the "asking for password' thread, but it deserves its own mention: shortcuts based on saved searches aren't showing up on the Shortcuts screen in 8.0.4. They worked find in previous versions. (They display correctly on the web and the PC client, and my full list of saved searches displays correctly in the search screen). Reinstalling the app didn't help... and I'm growing a wee bit tired of reinstalling Evernote every point update. These shortcut-based saved searches allow Evernote to work as an awesome GTD (Getting Things Done) client, so they're very imp
  4. Yep, makes the client basically useless for me. The constant password request only adds insult to injury. Sadly, my confidence in Evernote (and their quality control and decision making) continues to erode.
  5. The same thing is happening here. When I email messages to Evernote using the upload address, the messages show up fine on the PC, but in 8.0.3 on my iPad Pro the body is blank except for the words 'start writing'. Reinstalling the app doesn't fix the problem. 90% of my Evernote usage involves working with messages forwarded to my iPad so this is a total showstopper.
  6. Happening here as well on my iPad Pro... every launch is greeted by a password request. (Which can be closed without effecting anything). Began with the latest update.
  7. I had to uninstall, then reinstall the app to get spotlight search working again in iOS 10.
  8. Agreed, removing simplify formatting is a step in the wrong direction: I frequently use after bringing in web sites as well. On the plus side, love the editing/copy paste improvements! Good job.
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