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  1. Hi Damian, Many thanks for your prompt reply! and excellent throughout explanation, being that the reason it makes sense, I thought there was some sort of local interaction with the app in the mobile phone. I guess this is then the question of portability or platform dependency versus convenience and practicality and which would be of favor. On one hand I understand making it platform independent is a big plus to ease up the development lifecycle process, on the other side it'd be nice to be able to access offline notes from the phone . Anyways, appreciate your feedback and clarification!!.
  2. Hi all!, Anyone with feedback for the following will be highly appreciated!. Situation: Tried to use Evernote for pebble to access offline notes from the mobile phone and it simply can't, the pebble app have some sort of a nonsense restriction to check for internet connection on the mobile phone prior to even trying to access Evernote notes data, bluetooth is of course active, Evernote Pebble app authorized, etc and the Evernote App (on the mobile phone) has downloaded the notes for offline reading already. Frankly, this seems to be a programming or design error, which for some reason the Evernote app on Pebble requires to check the status of internet connectivity on the mobile phone even though IT WILL NOT USE IT (as bluetooth is what the Pebble Evernote app uses to communicate with the Mobile phone) althought it really does not makes sense as the Bluetooth connectivity should be SUFFICIENT to retrieve the OFFLINE NOTES from the EVERNOTE app in the mobile phone if you get what I mean. Error: "There was a problem talking with Evernote" Evernote Team, please have this fixed for the Pebble App, it is simply no sense that the Pebble App will always require the internet connection to read offline notes.
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