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  1. JMichael, it works!!!!!! I downloaded the EN Scannable app, set it to make PDFs of 1 or Multipage scans, tried it out on 6 pages of hand-written notes. It uploaded the scan as a PDF to EN, just like I wanted. Now I can email the PDF from within EN if I want to, and EN sends as PDF, and not JPEG from my Outlook client. The PDF looks good from both the recipients Outlook App, as well as my Outlook App (on my Mac), and n the EN app on my Mac, the PDF is automatically displayed in the Open View so I don't have to open the PDF file like I would if I had made the PDF from a traditional scanner. This solves the problem of the image being too large!!!!! Thank you again. Best Regards.
  2. Thank you again for your reply. I will try the EN Scannable Ap, which I was not aware of. I have used the ScannerPro ap, which uploads the scanned PDF to EN, as a PDF file, but the same problem occurs: the PDF looks great on all of my devices, but as soon as I email the PDF, from EN on any device, it becomes a very large image, which the recipient (and me in my Outlook client) must scroll way up and way down just to try to see even one page of the PDF. Right now, I love the elegance of EN, but this problem makes EN very frustrating, because emailing my hand-written notes is a critical part of my workflow. Seems like it should be easy. I know I am not the only one who is complaining about it, but I never get help directly from EN. So thanks again for your help.
  3. JMichael, thank you very much for your response. The type of "notes" that I want to be able to email are simply photos (taken from within the EN app on my iPhone) of my hand-written notes that I take at a meeting, on 8 1/2" x 11" paper. I might have 8 pages of hand-written notes, that I capture as a Note via my iPhone camera, again, from within the EN app on my iPhone. It looks great in the EN app on my iPhone or my iPad or my Mac. But as soo. As I email it to someone, the image becomes very large (not file size MB, but requires the recipient of the email, as well as the email viewed from my Outlook app, to have to scroll "way up, and way down@ to see even one of the 8 pages of my hand-written notes). I just want to be able to email my notes to a recipient without having to resize images before sending (from any of my devices). I look forward to your reply.
  4. I use EN Premium on MacBook. When I email a note [Note > More Sharing > Email a copy], select an email recipient, and then email the note, it shows up as a very large image [not large file size, but large image, so that a simple note on 8 1/2" x 11" paper, shows up on the recipients email as so large, that the user has to scroll down and scroll right just to try to read the note. Can't the image size of a note to be emailed, be reduced? This seems so simple, and yet I see a lot of frustrated users with same problem. HELP PLEASE.
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