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  1. Thank you to both of you. Your advice has already solved many of my problems. I really appreciate it!
  2. When I was attending a lecture I was taking notes and taking photos of the projected data on my iPad . It worked fine for six photos and I could add relevant notes immediately after each photo. However, after the 6th photo the Evernote camera icon disappeared and in addition, I could only add notes by inserting them at the beginning of my Evernote note rather than at the end of the previous notes. The iPad camera still worked so i now have the photos in the iPad photo library but not inside the Evernote note. 1) Is there a limit to the number of photos you can add to a note? 2)Why would Evernote not let me continue typing at the end of the note ? There must have been plenty of memory because I could still take photos with my iPad and could insert text at the beginning of the note refining all the following material but could not add them at the end. Similarly I can attach photos taken with the iPad camera icon to transfer the photos to the beginning of the note in Evernote but cannot insert them at the end. 3)The attachment icon in Evernote displays the photos too small to work out which one is which. I cannot read the text on the projections photographed . How can I increase the size in the attachment icon to large enough to read what is on the projection so I can select which photo goes where? 4) How can I insert the photos at the end of my text if a cursor will not appear there? The cursor will only appear above the last photo . 5) How can I delete one of the photos I do not need in the Evernote? If I tap on the photo it enlarges and then the only 3 options in the top right corner are the @ sign, the arrow to show next photo and the box with the arrow which is for sharing, copying or printing etc. There is no option to delete one item in the whole as far as I can see. I could only find the Delete option for the whole document in the three dots above the whole document. I would really appreciate some help Thank you
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