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  1. Hello Everyone, I don't understand some things, for example: why published the 7 without missing functions? Why was it so important? But, OK. It happened. I would like to notice that I have a missing function yet (and it is important for me): the label autocomplete, not just from beginning of the tag! I have been using a lot of tags, and it is very annoying that I can't find a (multiple words) tag with "inner texts". Forexample, I have tags: something 2010 something 2014 something 2018 Earlier I typed just "so 2018" or "thin 2018" and select first, now I have to type
  2. The old version of EvernoteWeb could help in search when I wanted to search with more tags and words. I have a lot of tag, and I miss the tag autocomplete function. It is very annoying that I have to type everything (and correctly!) each time, like: tag:bar tag:"multiple words tag" foo text Please (re)add autocomplete function when I type "tag:" in the search field to help and speed up searching.
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