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  1. Yup, feels like it's lost it's way just a little bit, but then all companies go through this I suppose. It's very smooth sharing a notebook though
  2. Okay, so looking through the support messages I've received (quite disappointed with the support generally), sharing notebooks works well, it's just sharing notes that doesn't work.
  3. Yup, it's a real shame, I've had to start using Dropbox to share docs with a colleague, Evernote is no longer my all in solution. A combination of poor & slow support mean I'm left looking for other solutions. No doubt another company will pick up the ball Evernote is in the process of dropping.
  4. Hi, I've contacted support about this but haven't had a reply, so thought I'd give the forum a go. Can't find the answer I want in the search either, I suspect that means I'm missing something obvious! I'm trying to share some notes with a work colleague. I've shared them through Chat & she has received them okay. They show in her chat timeline, but I can't see how to get them into her Evernote desktop app from Chat.....can anyone help me please. We're both on Mac Yosemite, I'm on Evernote Premium & she is on Basic. Thanks - Neil
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