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  1. Thanks. I never noticed that feature. I notice you can also see this in the info "i" in iOS.
  2. Mcheng, I really like how @MAKEVERNOTE is thinking with #6 and #8. The ability to see all current and historical chats related to notes and notebooks would be powerful (#6), Then also being able to see all the notes and notebooks in which a user is involved (#8) would be epic. I picture this looking like or being included in the context feature. For example, if you are in a note or notebook, associated chats would appear on the bottom of the window. To take it a step further, it would be great if the chat content was included in the search....and a step even further, included in the Google Chrome add-in search. To add on to #3 - if the interface allowed you to select a chat and quickly see all the shared notes associated with the chat without having to scroll back through the chat it would be handy. I see this being where you would control the permissions with a user vs note/notebook checkbox matrix. Our company just implemented EN Business, so we'll certainly use these features a lot. Let me know if you need more info or clarification.
  3. Hi mcheng, Here are the features I'd like added: 1. Chat subject - I have 50 chats going and waste time figuring out which one is on a specific subject. 2. Ability to add/remove people after chat has been initiated. 3. Option to allow added people to see or not see past files and chat. 4. Ability to remove yourself from a chat and have it send notification of you leaving. 5. On/off alerts for specific chats. 6. Chat associated with a shared notebook (not just note). 7. Delete chat, but allow files to remain shared.
  4. I definitely want to 2nd pollywatt and RevGilliam on this one. I'm loving EN work chat for collaborating with different teams by sharing notes and chatting about them. The fact that the shared notes a live and can be accessed by the group is excellent. Inevitably the discussion progresses and you have to call more people (subject matter experts) into the conversation. The current state of work chat means you have to err on the side of including all possible people in the chat, which is distracting and akin to the dreaded over cc'ing on emails. I'm resisting bringing in yet another chat app like Slack since our staff seem to be chatting on whats app, skype, lync (now skype for biz), imessage. I was really hoping EN work chat could consolidate this. i am just got into EN and am hooked. I needed a premium account within a week. I have 15 people from our company on it and am considering EN business version. A solid, useful chat would likely push me over the edge
  5. Thanks for the quick reply Jon. It looks like I'm running I'm a new user, so I just installed it a week ago. It says it is the current version and no updates are available.
  6. This is incredibly frustrating. This problem looks like it has persisted for 6months. I just upgraded to premium to also discover the annotate doesn't work on my PC laptop: WIndows 7 professional service pack 1, 64bit OS When I do as Dipper suggests and kill all Evernote processes, clicking the annotate does work again, but when I try to save my annotations Evernote crashes. For more detail...I am only seeing the problem when annotating images, not pdf's. The exact sequence of events is: 1. I click annotate on the image 2. I annotate. 3. Click file -> save and exit i the annotation window 5. The main EN window crashes (Not Responding) 6. go to task manager -> end all EN processes 7. Re-open EN 8. Repeat On the plus side, my annotations on the image seem to save prior to Evernote crashing. So, when I end all EN processes and re-open my changes are reflected. The image annotation is stable on my iphone6 plus.
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