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  1. Is it possible to 'pin' or 'star' an Evernote Note so that always show on the top? Also when you are within the notebook that the note is in as well. Thank you in advance.
  2. slamfyre178

    Undo Note Deletion (KC)

    I pressed backspace on a note and deleted the note. Is there a keyboard shortcut to undo deletion? I know I can retrieve it from the trash.
  3. Update, I meant to say spotlight on Mac OSX Yosemite
  4. When I open a note on finder the note opens two windows: the evernote application and a new note. Is there anyway to open that note within the application? Thus there would only be 1 window opening.
  5. Tried logging in and out (+ quitting the app), alas doesn't work...
  6. Yes I unchecked this option but the popup still continues to show?..
  7. Is there anyway to stop this popup message from showing up (or at least have it run in the background) each time I quit Evernote "remove evernote will quit one sync is complete". Thank you!