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  1. I did set it up with Notebooks to drag and drop, which works great. But then it dawned on me that finding things would be harder that way. Argh. hah. Looks like I'll stick with the Tags. Thanks for the detailed instructions JMichael. And good point JBenson. I'll do it in that order. Thanks all for the helpful feedback!
  2. To keep track of projects I have created Stages using Tags. For example: Stage 1 - Receive Proposal Stage 2 - Review Proposal Specs Stage 3 - Send Proposal To Manager When I receive a proposal I attach it to a note and tag it with "Stage 1 - Receive Proposal". When it goes to review, I change the tag to "Stage 2 - Review Proposal Specs". However, it would be much easier to drag the note from one tag and drop on the next tag. Yet, when I do this it copies the note to the next tag. So the note has both tags. How do I drag a note from one tag and drop it into a another tag WITHOUT it showing up in both tags?
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