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  1. Does anyone know how the corporate version of EN works. Can we connect to one document as a team. Does a shared document have to sit in the account of one of the team members or in a common cloud. In case 2 people edit it at once what happens to the document. Perhaps Brian who works there might know.
  2. My mother used to tell me, "If your sister jumps in the fire, will you jump in the fire?" Why stoop to someone else's level and then one-up on them? A little sarcasm doesn't warrant the display of words we see here. Just a thought... maybe we could be friends if you changed your username ... you know, turn over a new leaf and start again... BTW... blow for blow... could you make a list of these "names" that you've been called? That would be an interesting exercise. Then, if you dare, make a separate list of the names you've used in this forum. If you'd like, I could help you out with that - no problem... Well I am sure you can read English and can make that list for both sides. Got to get back to work now. Why waste both our time with this any longer. Am sure you also have work to get back to. Good day.
  3. @csihilling So just because I am a banker (or Wanker as you called me) I should keep quiet while you fine upstanding gentlemen keep insulting. Go do something productive with your time loser. Perhaps one day then your parents will be proud of the mistake they made. Geez. You bring my parents into this. Has all decorum left the Internet? Not nice. Sorry if I went too far, but you guys started it. You and several others calling me names for no reason. I have called several times above to stop this and only talk of EN and not get personal.
  4. Hi Brian, Sorry with all this verbosity flying around aimed at me I totally overlooked this question in previous pages. Actually I have just been testing EN as a personal user last few months and will remain as such. We can't do formal banking documentation or report writing on an open platform. Also paying for many single purpose softwares are also a problem of renewing something every month personally. Are there any plans of getting EN as part of any suite in future or adding other products to your current offering.
  5. An Evernote employee actually posted early on in this thread and posed a question to YOU. Subsequent to his post, you have returned to post six (so far) posts for the sole reason of insulting other users. And yet you have never once addressed the Evernote employee's question to you. It's pretty clear who the troll is and who is the one who needs to get a life, "man". I can say the same thing about you. Every post of your has an insult at me or someone else. And yes, in all this nonsense flying around I totally overlooked the employees question. Coming back... show me one post of mine which is an insult to someone who has not insulted me first. If not, Get Lost and go learn some manners first before trying to teach me.
  6. Yes. My thoughts exactly. Frank is still on my case. Now he has posted a rock and roll link pretending it has some thing to do with One Note. Better we discuss the EN change than wasting time getting personal. @csihilling So just because I am a banker (or Wanker as you called me) I should keep quiet while you fine upstanding gentlemen keep insulting. Go do something productive with your time loser. Perhaps one day then your parents will be proud of the mistake they made. @chirmer You are free to hold any opinion of me. It is a free world. Since you don't know, just the small transaction banking software alone in a major bank costs millions of usd. This is not even the main banking platform cost which is even more expensive and many other supporting softwares that costs many millions more.
  7. @saifahmed, Have you not moved to Onenote yet? Other peoples' opinions should have no bearing on the situation now, especially if you're convinced you're making the right decision. It always amazes me how people threaten to drop Evernote but continue to show up here for some good old fashioned chit chat. I don't really see the point of posting the above. Ultimatums from small people like us rarely twist the arms of big corporations. I forget, you're a little less small than myself. And I'm thinking right now... if someone is responsible for the purchasing of millions of US$'s worth of software, I don't quite get why you can't manage to get an Evernote premium membership at your institution's expense. Also, Premium is pretty cool for more than one reason. I don't know where any general manager would find the time to migrate data to another platform. Just cough up the odd $5/ month maximum and save yourself the headache. That's what I would do if I had the responsibilities you do. Just saying. Hey Frank.dg please remind me how it is any of your bloody business whether I come here or not. It is my post and if you don't want to read it then F-off troll. If you don't want to talk about the topic in hand don't try getting personal. Where do losers like you spring up from. Get a life man.
  8. No irony in this post. The irony is that forum moderators first made personal attacks on users unhappy with the change and then call out others for making personal attacks. Enjoy your latte this morning.Enjoying one right now buddy. Have a nice day.
  9. --------------- Yes JMichael EN is free to withdraw anything offered for free. We all understand that. In fact after a few months of free use I have already suggested to our bank's IT department to get EN for our users who are mobile and out of office often. Mine was just a comment as a personal user. I often test software myself before deploying. I did not expect rude moderators to start attacking me. People frustrated with their own sorry lives take it out on others online.
  10. I completely agree Dreamerlou. I have already paid for Onenote with my full Office Suite and don't use it regularly.I decided to try EN briefly as I was attracted by the emailing function which I have only used twice before in several months time. It may not be worth it to pay for a rarely used feature. Hope you are not going to invite insults now from some well respected Moderators here for agreeing with me.
  11. Well BurgersNFries... respect works both ways. If your friend does not know my background then he should not try to guess that I may be paid by Microsoft and I must be a fake user. In any case why are you people writing to me. I was just sending a message to EN that free users may be leaving due to a change in policy. Can you and other (well respected) users let EN answer that if they feel like it. And yes I am impressed with myself. I have reason to. Hope you are feeling good too about yourself by insulting me that I have less class and intelligence. I am wasting my time here obviously with mannerless Americans.
  12. Bigfella you are wasting your time with SebR. I am a new user hence my first post. My post was to EN and not to him. Although he says it is a waste of time to discuss with me he still found the time to send in a cheesy answer. I am General Manager at a multinational Bank and he is calling me a paid Microsoft stooge foolishly and that I am not a real user. I have bought (worth millions of usd) more software already than this man with a twisted face will ever buy in his entire twisted lifetime. I think he should find somewhere else to troll.
  13. Yes Bigfella, I use the feature not more than once per month and only on occasions when I am away from my gadgets and need to set a reminder to add some notes in to Evernote later. Pity it is being cancelled as this was an emergency feature that drew me in. Apart from this other features are more or less same as Onenote.
  14. Hello Evernote, I took a basic membership recently for this useful feature of emailing myself on Evernote. As you are cancelling it I will move to Onenote. Thank you.
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