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  1. I experienced the same issue yesterday. - Change your password - Change the email address used to login - Remove the compromised email address from your profile - deauthorize any suspicious devices and apps I am not adding 2FA to the list because I am not comfortable giving my cell phone number to Evernote. That said, if 2FA can be activated through a third-party app like Microsoft Authenticator, I'll say for go it.
  2. I second that: change both the email registration AND the username. Also make sure to go afterwards to your profile and remove the compromised email address
  3. Same thing happened to me on Monday AM. I live in North America, Time zone: GMT-5 and I couldn't access my Evernote Web account because I supposedly have reached the 2 devices limit. I checked my profile and saw that 12h before, an Android device from Malaysia was added to my account. I immediately removed it, changed my Evernote password, the email address I used to login as well, and spent the whole morning changing my passwords on various websites. Why? Because I have been using Evernote for 10 years and there are tons of sensitive information in my account. Sure, they are encrypted but it is the same catchphrase for all my notes. Anyway, migrating to a different platform! PS: I knew something was fishing because exactly 12 hours before, I got a Spotify notification about a weird login from a different country. So, I know that my email address and password have been used accross different platform I checked these 2 websites: https://haveibeenpwned.com/ and https://sec.hpi.de/ilc/, and sadly found out that my credentials were compromised despite Google Checkup and BitDefender Account Privacy saying the opposite. Go figure!
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