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  1. @gazumped Thanks. Yeah, we checked that and there's nothing out of the ordinary. At least we know it could be an Evernote issue. @kgg Thanks for your reply. They're all iPad Airs (same model, size etc), and not able to log into any account and tested on different known good Wi-Fi networks.
  2. Hi, I have a few students in my school who are having syncing issues. Evernote will open up but will receive the message "Unable to connect to the Evernote service. Please try again later". I have deleted the app, restarted the iPads, reinstalled the app, and the issue persists. I can confirm that they have an active internet connection. The iPads are running on iOS 9.1 with the latest version of Evernote downloaded from the app store. Any ideas? It's only a very small handful of students. Thank you.
  3. Mac is on 10.10.3 and the Evernote is 6.0.13 We have downloaded Evernote both through the App Store and directly from Evernote.com I will create a new user account for the teacher and attempt to share the Notebooks to troubleshoot from there. This also just happened to another user today. I find it odd that if there was a corrupt Notebook/file it wouldn't work on the iOS app though? I appreciate your help and let you know how I go.
  4. Hi, We have a teacher at the school I work in that is constantly having issues with her Evernote account. When she tries to load it we are presented with the spinning beach ball and need to Force Quit the app. I have done a full uninstall (removed Library files etc, AppZapper etc) multiple times and the issue persists. We have performed a complete OS restore, started as new and the issue continuous to persist. My guess is that there's a file that one of the students has sent which is corrupt and making the app crash continuously. The web-based and iOS versions of Evernote work fine. Is there some sort of script I can run to search and remove this bad file, or does anyone have some sort of work-around? Your help is appreciated Regards
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