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  1. I just noticed there's an Office update available, so I went ahead and uninstalled Evernote and I'm running the office update now. Once it's done I'll go ahead and reboot and then try reinstalling Evernote and see if that works.Update. Still crashes. Now running Outlook 15.0.4737.1001 and EN 5.8.14.
  2. Hmmmm. Did you just get an Office update?
  3. What version of OL are you running? I am on 15.0.4727.1001 64-bit on Windows 8.1 Pro. I am patched and current on Windows updates.
  4. This did not fix the Outlook issue. The release notes didn't reference this as part of the changes.
  5. Click Evernote clipper in Outlook, it crashes. Click Evernote clipper in Outlook with OneNote running and Iran gets a nuclear program. Coincidence? Perhaps.
  6. Maybe OneNote is like the Borg? I plan to try this within the hour.I heard back from EN engineering and was told they know this is an issue for many and are trying to fix this. As a software architect, I know that this could take time, given all the environmental variables. Update: I just tried it and no go. I even rebooted my Yoga just to be safe.
  7. I opened a ticket with EN (#1143936) and they had me perform the old uninstall/install shuffle and like others it did not correct the issue. It was "referred to engineering." To be safe, I also uninstalled Evernote Touch. Given the installed base for Outlook, this is a significant loss of functionality. There is another variable involved and that is the patch-level for Office. This could also be a factor. I moved to EN from OneNote. I'd hate to go back. I agree with the other poster, I could save the $40 annual subscription if I move back. Evernote staff, what is the deal?
  8. I have the same issue. The is a Technical Bulletin that Microsoft has published on this issue, saying the LoadBehavior value of the add in needs to be "0." This didn't work BTW. What I noticed is that I had at least three iterations of EN add in registry entries (e.g., normal, .1, .2, .etc.), so it also seems that when uninstalled, EN isn't cleaning the registry entries which can also cause an issue when EN is reinstalled. I am running Win8.1, with EN 5.8.11.
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