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  1. When that happens, does it say "We found a duplicate note" or something like that? Sometimes while I am editing something happens, not sure if the changes are not saved fast enough or there is a connection issue, but Evernote will create a duplicate of the note I am working. That's why I was asking if it was the same issue you are experiencing.
  2. I was going to post this, but did a search first and found your post. I would love to have the INSERT menu pop up with a keyboard shortcut then I can select with the up/down arrows. That would work for me. Same with the coloring of the fonts. I used to use CTRL+D in the older version a lot and it saved a lot of time. Would be nice to have more editing keyboard shortcuts for font color, inserting etc.
  3. I voted up! I use Google Cal for personal and we use Office 365 for work so it would be more usable for me if other options become available.
  4. I have been having problems with the -tag:"xxx" as well. Today I just had a problem with a tap + updated today. If I search for updated today I find the note and it is tagged as PETS. But if I do, tag search with pets then add the updated today it does not find anything. ↑ This is the PETS tag first then adding the updated:day tag to it. But I do updated today only, I locate 17 notes and one of them has the PETS tag. ↓
  5. Possibly, good point, but would be nice to have the same link or whatever so I can see those pictures. But in that case, that email had attachments as photos so when I clipped it I wanted it to clip with the photos otherwise the email was really useless.
  6. This is my setting, I never use the Title, either created or updated dates. And it is always "U" for some reason but it is my first name initial which may be a coincidence.
  7. I have the "Show notes in groups" selected which shows the month created or updated depending on your sort criteria. However, when I do a search with a tag, when the tag is selected, it shows only the letter "U". If it is a text search without the tag, it works. Seems to happen only when a tag is selected. Has anybody encountered this?
  8. Do you just do CTRL + N in the Home page screen or is there another way of starting a new note?
  9. Yup, same thing on windows app too. Breaking something that was working previously with an update is frustrating however. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
  10. Anybody having any issues with moving notes after the latest update also with the task early access? I am having 2 issues, one of them shows a LOCK icon next to the notebooks so they are grayed out and cannot move. Those locks went away after a while but then the MOVE button is grayed out so I still cannot move the note even if I can select the notebook. . See the lock ↑ It looks like it goes away after a while but not sure why the lag?
  11. I have some notes that show a thumbnail but there is no pictures in the note. It is generally clipped from an email with photo attachments. But the note does not show the image but the thumbnail shows it. Weird bug.
  12. When you completely shut down Evernote (not running in the background), does the keyboard go back to working?
  13. Yesterday, I had a note open in the Windows app. Opened the same note on the iOS app so I can copy paste a text from a text message I had on my phone. I pasted the text into the note. Did not touch the note on the Windows App, waited for it to update. As soon as it updated, it prompted that it found a duplicate version of this note as a conflicting note. (or something like that). I made sure that I was not modifying the open note in the Windows app.
  14. I was one of the ones that criticized the V10 a lot but I must admit it came a long way from what it was. The speed was the biggest issue for me, although it is not as fast as the V6 (legacy) version, it is now manageable so I started using it fully as I figured I would have to do it at some point. Everybody uses Evernote in a different way, certain features are important to some users and some users could not care less about those same features. So as S2sailor suggest, best to download and try it out yourself.
  15. Before the 10.11.5 update, you could type in a tag in the search box, for example "Statement" then select the tag "Statement", the word statement would disappear from the search box and you can keep typing your search now. After the update, you select the tag statement but the word does not get deleted from the search box, so now you have to highlight and delete the word so you can type the word you are searching for. This seems like they broke something that was working nicely. Anybody noticed the same issue?
  16. I just realized I cannot create the Windows folder or file links since the link option in V10 requires the HTTPS: I guess that's why all my links went away. I definitely would like the option to create the internal links to files or folders, such a time saver.
  17. Looks like it remains untouched in the Legacy ↓ Same note in V10 ↓ Links in legacy worked, no link in V10.
  18. I've reached the 30,000 notes mark!! Happy Hump Day!


  19. Good point. One of the fallacies we all fall into one time or more in our lives. Similarly, sunk cost fallacy may also make me stick with Evernote too since I have so much time and data invested in it too. I really hope the speed issue eventually gets resolved.
  20. I think it is slow on newer PCs too (of course "slowness" is relative to the user) This is interesting, because at work I don't have any admin rights and I cannot install any software on my local laptop or on the remote desktop we use without asking IT to remote into my comp and putting the password in. However, I can install V10 on both settings without needing any admin password, it does not even prompt one.
  21. I can accept (to a certain degree) the slower app when switching between notes, or notebooks but when the typing has a lag, that is not acceptable to me. It is a note taking app and I need to be able to type away. Same with tagging, I should be able to tag quickly, instead I type the tag, wait for it, hit enter....wait for it to show up then type the next tag. I am really hoping the typing lag will go away, I don't think I can live with that though.
  22. When I paste an image, it still inserts 3 images into the note. This has been going on for a while now.
  23. It really depends on how you look at it and what is important to you. Right now, V10 looks like a modern app, all the platforms look and function the same, updates are coming faster along with new features. So on surface these are all good indicators. However, to me and to bunch of others here, the fundamental feature of the note taking app (which is note taking) has been compromised. The new app is super slow and hogs a lot of resources. I still cannot type without a delay and when I tag something, it is even slower. Notes load slower, when I insert a simple screenshot, it takes longer. Overall usability has been decreased for me. For some users, that might be ok and the new features might be worth the slow down. To me, there is a reason I use the desktop app vs the web app or an iOS app. I want it to take advantage of a computer, be faster, have keyboard shortcuts etc. Thus, the electron based app now is a step down for me and I hope I am wrong and it will get as fast as the V6.25. Time will tell.
  24. I've had issues with the iPhone app especially when adding photos etc. in iPhone. I would start with removing the Evernote app on your iPhone and reinstalling it first (if you have not tried this before of course). That solved my syncing problems before. I don't use the web app so I don't have any experience there.
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