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  1. Before the 10.11.5 update, you could type in a tag in the search box, for example "Statement" then select the tag "Statement", the word statement would disappear from the search box and you can keep typing your search now. After the update, you select the tag statement but the word does not get deleted from the search box, so now you have to highlight and delete the word so you can type the word you are searching for. This seems like they broke something that was working nicely. Anybody noticed the same issue?
  2. I just realized I cannot create the Windows folder or file links since the link option in V10 requires the HTTPS: I guess that's why all my links went away. I definitely would like the option to create the internal links to files or folders, such a time saver.
  3. Looks like it remains untouched in the Legacy ↓ Same note in V10 ↓ Links in legacy worked, no link in V10.
  4. I've reached the 30,000 notes mark!! Happy Hump Day!


  5. Good point. One of the fallacies we all fall into one time or more in our lives. Similarly, sunk cost fallacy may also make me stick with Evernote too since I have so much time and data invested in it too. I really hope the speed issue eventually gets resolved.
  6. I think it is slow on newer PCs too (of course "slowness" is relative to the user) This is interesting, because at work I don't have any admin rights and I cannot install any software on my local laptop or on the remote desktop we use without asking IT to remote into my comp and putting the password in. However, I can install V10 on both settings without needing any admin password, it does not even prompt one.
  7. I can accept (to a certain degree) the slower app when switching between notes, or notebooks but when the typing has a lag, that is not acceptable to me. It is a note taking app and I need to be able to type away. Same with tagging, I should be able to tag quickly, instead I type the tag, wait for it, hit enter....wait for it to show up then type the next tag. I am really hoping the typing lag will go away, I don't think I can live with that though.
  8. When I paste an image, it still inserts 3 images into the note. This has been going on for a while now.
  9. It really depends on how you look at it and what is important to you. Right now, V10 looks like a modern app, all the platforms look and function the same, updates are coming faster along with new features. So on surface these are all good indicators. However, to me and to bunch of others here, the fundamental feature of the note taking app (which is note taking) has been compromised. The new app is super slow and hogs a lot of resources. I still cannot type without a delay and when I tag something, it is even slower. Notes load slower, when I insert a simple screenshot, it takes lon
  10. I've had issues with the iPhone app especially when adding photos etc. in iPhone. I would start with removing the Evernote app on your iPhone and reinstalling it first (if you have not tried this before of course). That solved my syncing problems before. I don't use the web app so I don't have any experience there.
  11. Happy Friday to the Evernote community!

  12. I noticed this too. In the 6.25 app, I normally do the same, hit enter generate space, type something and then drop the photo etc. V10 does not let me do the same.
  13. This is driving me crazy! Although there has been significant speed improvement compared to the initial release but still the lag with the typing is still there and I don't think that is acceptable with a "note taking" app. If they cannot get the lag and the speed/performance under control, all the nice things being added (such as the home screen, dark mode etc.) will mean nothing. It is like my car has heated leather seats and can make coffee for me on the way to work but only goes 5mph. Give me the fundamental function first, then make my coffee
  14. I have used the templates before but still not practical while you are in a note and want to create a custom calendar to show from today to the deadline or whatever you have planned. Like a "module" within the note as a standalone calendar. I think Notion has something similar, might be wrong though.
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