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  1. The more you use Evernote, you end up using it even more! :)


    Already 2018 note count is 200 notes shy of total notes in 2017 in September and the note creation per day is 4+ more.

    12.36 per day in 2017 vs. 16.25 in 2018.

  2. Vacationing in Turkey, still accessing information I need via Evernote and everything work related will be easy to catch-up thanks to Evernote when I get back.


  3. June stats are in from RescueTime!!


    Always the top app used for me!!!

  4. Happy Friday Evernote Community!!!!!

    Have an awesome day!

  5. Happy Friday Evernote Community!

  6. I love the RescueTime reports, great self-awareness tool for productivity. Spent 7h 11m in Evernote at my work computer.


  7. Happy Friday Evernote Community!! Enjoy the weekend!

  8. My brilliant idea that nobody voted for :)

  9. Reached Guru Status today!! YAYAYAYAYA! :)

  10. Wishing everybody a great, productive and an effective week!

    My last week RescueTime results:


  11. April Stats from RescueTime. I highly recommend RescueTime to any Windows user.

    27 hour + in Evernote!


  12. Weekly update on Evernote usage at work:


  13. Last week was a meeting driven week but still got 4h 8m out of Evernote at work.Untitled.thumb.png.569bfcc6256999efea986f086090b0d5.png

  14. Happy Friday!

  15. Just voted for Evernote in The Webby Awards! 


  16. Happy Friday Evernote Community! My March most used app is....Evernote! :) 30 Hours 3 minutes at work.


  17. Happy Hump Day Evernote Community!

  18. Happy Birthday to me! Although we had to put our dog down today. :(

  19. Happy Friday Evernote Community!

    I think everybody should read BrainChains by Theo Compernolle. Great book!

  20. I am enjoying the SkillShare videos about productivity, definitely recommend it.

  21. Reached 12,000 Notes today 02-01-2018.:)

  22. Happy Thanksgiving Evernoters!

  23. Using Breevy on Windows for more complicated Evernote search strings makes my life so much easier.


    gives me

    reminderTime:day -reminderTime:day+1 -reminderDoneTime:* 

  24. The more tags I use, the more quickly I find what I am looking for and the more I put into Evernote.

    Love the tags!

  25. The more tags I use, the more quickly I find what I am looking for and the more I put into Evernote.

    Love the tags!

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