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  1. I added Evernote app To my O365, which is very cool (thanks!) but I agree, I cant figure out how to update windows client
  2. I apologize for the inconvenience that the recent Outlook clipper issues have caused. I believe you are confusing two separate features. Please allow me to explain... The Outlook Clipper is currently available for all users: Basic, Plus, and Premium. It uses an integration between outlook and your Desktop Client. The email you're referencing refers to the Evernote email address feature, which has recently been adjusted to a Plus and Premium feature. You can learn more about this separate feature here: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23480523 You are correct, I was
  3. One interesting observation. When I connect to my laptop via Remote Desktop from other PC, everything works fine.
  4. I confirm this did NOT fix the issue for me either
  5. Its been 2 months of evernote add-in crashing my outlook. Still not fixed. Today I received a message that I need to pay for it now :-) Bravo! Thank you for elegant solution for this very complicated problem! Now I need to pay for something that is not working anyways.
  6. My Evernote add-in crashes every time I use it. Created a ticket - they suggested reinstall using Administrative rights, and it worked - plugin started working correctly, but next day it started happening again. Now I have add-in that crashes outlook 2013 every time I use it.
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