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  1. I added Evernote app To my O365, which is very cool (thanks!) but I agree, I cant figure out how to update windows client
  2. I apologize for the inconvenience that the recent Outlook clipper issues have caused. I believe you are confusing two separate features. Please allow me to explain... The Outlook Clipper is currently available for all users: Basic, Plus, and Premium. It uses an integration between outlook and your Desktop Client. The email you're referencing refers to the Evernote email address feature, which has recently been adjusted to a Plus and Premium feature. You can learn more about this separate feature here: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23480523 You are correct, I was confused (because official message did not clarify which exactly feature is going to be disabled for basic users) and my posting requires clarification. HERE IS WHAT HAPPENED: Outlook feature does not work for me (crashes). Email forwarding feature was a workaround for me after this started happening. Recently EverNote sent me a message stating this workaround was going to be disabled for me, unless I pay, so I did not have any options left to add my email messages to evernote unless I pay. I appreciate help from Evernote team helping me to keep this backup function working until outlook problem is fixed. Thanks!
  3. One interesting observation. When I connect to my laptop via Remote Desktop from other PC, everything works fine.
  4. I confirm this did NOT fix the issue for me either
  5. My opinion on this move - this is "Bait & Switch". With all due respect, this is a bad business practice, and it should be considered bad and unfair move on EverNote side. If you want your customers to pay for this, you should say so in the very beginning. If you say "Oh, we changed our mind, we had no other choice etc", keep this feature for existing customers and ask new users to pay. Otherwise this is dishonest, regardless whether you you do this for free or paid applications. I am author of freeware app with 200K active users today, and I have paid version too, and I would never do something like that to my users.
  6. Its been 2 months of evernote add-in crashing my outlook. Still not fixed. Today I received a message that I need to pay for it now :-) Bravo! Thank you for elegant solution for this very complicated problem! Now I need to pay for something that is not working anyways.
  7. My Evernote add-in crashes every time I use it. Created a ticket - they suggested reinstall using Administrative rights, and it worked - plugin started working correctly, but next day it started happening again. Now I have add-in that crashes outlook 2013 every time I use it.
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