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  1. Thank you for your quick reactions (and sorry for my strange writing mistake in the title!). I have tried gazumped's suggestions, and I have done a reinstall, yet searching still doesn't work. I will contact support. As for OCR-ing myself: what is the best way to do this, apart from buying expensive scanners?
  2. Dear all, I am experiencing a problem with scanned pdf's added to Evernote. I use my evernote account both on a Mac and a Windows machine. While I can search my scanned pdf's on my Mac (so the OCR worked), I cannot on my windows. When I click 'info' in my note, I see that the attachment was not indexed. Not a single scanned pdf can be searched, although my pdf's meet the conditions to be indexed. I tried to reinstall Evernote, but still the search function does not work. Any tips or suggestions? Thank you very much in advance! PS. I am a Premium user.
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