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  1. Jefito - Yes, I was using browser client. And I did click on one of the 3 options, and then saw 'proceed to web client', so I was able to accomplish what I wanted.
  2. This morning when I logged into Evernote (Windows/Edge browser) and I got this popup that says 'What do you want to do today' with no apparent way to close the popup and get to my notes. All I wanted to do was to search my notes for some info! I didn't want to 'organize', or whatever else the options were. Yeah, I haven't visited for awhile, and I do use different browsers, so you might not have remembered me, but it was an annoying experience. (And then of course I wasted time trying to find how to send feedback, and submitting this)
  3. sadly, I learned about no 'undo' in the Web version after deleting an irreproducible scan. Could Evernote at least include that in the editing user guide?
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