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  1. i'm so jealous. i understand enough to Frankenstein certain things together and understand the possibilities...but writing something clean that "just works" would not be my forte. If you did it, i think you would be a hero; especially in the #RoamCult—and other "second brain"—circles! 🤩
  2. The juice might not have worth for you but i think there are a fair amount of people that, if this worked well and people knew about it, would find it extremely useful...especially academic types and writers (like me) who read and summarize lots of reading.
  3. Actually, if you wanted to automate it after the export, you'd have to strip out this part: <span style="background-color: rgb(255, 250, 165);-evernote-highlight:true;"> Then, you'd need to strip out the closing \span tag. Actually, it doesn't seem like it'd be that hard if you were good at scripting. i think it could be done with Automator but i'm more of a designer and know only enough coding to be dangerous. The challenge is that Evernote's export is a bloated mess of HTML. i'd really like to see something like this myself to bring highlighted text into Roam. i just need each highlight on a separate line. Maybe if Evernote would let me replace their highlighter app with Liner or another highlighting plugin, we could do it. (?)
  4. Bonjour, i came to the forum today just to find out how i can do this.
  5. You could always try to put a unique #tag on every Note that you make a highlight. Then you could do a search on the tag.
  6. The last comment here was six months ago. Anyone have an update?
  7. I'm looking for the same solution. I've found a really good industry blog that has great comments that I want to save for future reference. Thanks.
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