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  1. I guess the old age really IS catching up with me! I forgot tio include in my previous feature request the ability to use some of the other document scanners out there. I have an Epson DS-510 connected to my desktop, and it is one incredible doc scanner! Would love to be able to use it with Scannable!And , BTW, THANKS for a great product!
  2. I am sure that many of us are NOT power users of Evernote; I am still trying to understand a lot of it and how to use it efficiently. (I chalk it up to being 61, and too much partying during college...) I would love the ability to tell Scannable a specific computer/folder to send my scans directly to when on my WIFI system. I have not figured out how to do that, other than to email it to myself, and then save the PDFs to the folder(s) as appropriate. Now, did any of that make sense?
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