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  1. Our Scan Snap scanner is doing our OCR. It seems to work pretty good.
  2. Thanks for the update. Did some further investigation and after my synced finished up more of the notes were searchable. Still not sure why they are having the issue with syncing in the first place though.
  3. Hello everyone. Was hoping you could help me out with this one. We are using a Scan Snap scanner to scan invoices into Evernote. The OCR works great most of the time. Lately though we have an issue were we scan in and it goes into a notebook called "Unsynced Notes". Evernote says that their is a note in their that is having issues and preventing all the notes in that notebook from syncing. I found that you can export that notebook then import it on another computer and get it to sync up. Unfortunately this seems to lose the OCR data and I can search from the invoice anymore. We save the invoice as a PDF in Evernote. Does anyone know how to rerun OCR on a PDF in Evernote after it has been scanned or a fix for the synced notes problem. Both would solve my issue.
  4. I agree. I am having the same issue. Our card issuer has not seen anything in the past couple days from Evernote and we already have a Business account. Multiple actually one of which is down right now because we can't make a payment. I have been trying to contact Evernote mulitple ways but no response yet. This is horrible and not acceptable on a business level.
  5. Hi. The company I work for has two business accounts. One for our Chevrolet dealership and one for our Ford dealership. For some reason Evernote is having an issue charging our company credit cards. I have contact support about this and received Ticket # 1111002. I got response pretty quickly for first level support but she passed along to the Billing team and I have heard nothing for days. With our Ford Business account revoked and our Chevrolet one going to be revoked last week I need a response from the company. I tried opening another ticket and have heard nothing back. I have the number of someone in the Business Support team. I called and left him a message. Also I have heard nothing. Currently I am sitting on the live chat waiting for a representative to get on with me. I have been waiting for about 20 minutes. Oh and because if the chat is idle for too long it disconnects I have to keep typing in something so I don't lose my place in the queue. Currently my company is crippled without Evernote Business. I need to hear back from someone immediately! Please help! Has anyone else run into this problem with paying with credits card and Evernote Support?
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