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  1. Hi. The company I work for has two business accounts. One for our Chevrolet dealership and one for our Ford dealership. For some reason Evernote is having an issue charging our company credit cards. I have contact support about this and received Ticket # 1111002. I got response pretty quickly for first level support but she passed along to the Billing team and I have heard nothing for days. With our Ford Business account revoked and our Chevrolet one going to be revoked last week I need a response from the company. I tried opening another ticket and have heard nothing back. I have the number of someone in the Business Support team. I called and left him a message. Also I have heard nothing. Currently I am sitting on the live chat waiting for a representative to get on with me. I have been waiting for about 20 minutes. Oh and because if the chat is idle for too long it disconnects I have to keep typing in something so I don't lose my place in the queue. Currently my company is crippled without Evernote Business. I need to hear back from someone immediately! Please help! Has anyone else run into this problem with paying with credits card and Evernote Support?
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