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  1. DTLow there are no workarounds apart from using some other program that will OCR. There are just comments like yours that down play the need for this feature or say for some bizarre reason that it won't work as well.
  2. The objections to this request are bizarre. Being able to copy and paste text is important. That the OCR may not be 100% accurate is irrelevant. The text can be edited. I don't see the ability to extract OCR'd text as taking the place of the current search of text within images. Just an important addition. This is the only thing I use One Note to do and I shouldn't have to.
  3. I really don't understand why some people insist that a workaround using other apps is all that's needed or that it doesn't need to be done because they themselves don't have a need to extract the OCR'd text for further work. It really isn't enough that Evernote can OCR notes in the background so that they show in a search. That's great but it doesn't enable you to copy and paste the text elsewhere. It's time the feature was introduced - and it can't be hard because it's being done in the background already in order for the notes to be searched.
  4. I was just looking for a feature to do this. A workaround of creating a Table of Contents note with a Reminder seems a cumbersome way to work
  5. I just discovered that OneNote can extract text from an image and I just installed it for this purpose. I've used other things but this was quick, easy and accurate. So silly that Evernote can't since it does the OCR in the background so the text in images is searchable. That's great and I use it but sometimes you need the text or part of it without having to re-type it. I extracted the text from an 1875 newspaper article using OneNote. Only 2 errors though I wouldn't have said it was a really clear image. It's time Evernote caught up.
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