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  1. Evernote is a gr8 concept but poorely executed. Evernote, Evernote web clipper and Evernote Discussion Forum .. all three are stand alone and one has to sign in individually. Thats why although I had already signed into evernote which is open in another tab, I had to go thru. several steps... and several attempts at each step before I was allowed to reply to this post at this help / discussion forum. .... When I pressed "Sign in to reply", it lead me away to sign up for this forum. When I did sign up, I had to sign in again. In order to sign into evernote one has to enter thru the MENU= at the right hand top of page. Finally, important to note that this display of warning viz. "You must sign in using the Clip to Evernote toolbar button before you make clips" disappeared when I signed in at the extension of clipper as well. Please simplify the process and design. Also please explain the current procedure somewhere.
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