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  1. I have a number of Notebooks and assorted Stacks. This AM I was looking for a specific note in a folder I have called smoothie. I picked up my iPhone searched for Pumpkin and it found a Note titled Pumpkin Spice smoothie. I knew I had others. I then went to my lap top and searched all notes and it showed the one I was looking for called Protein Pumpkin smoothie. I went back to my iPhone navigated to the stack called smoothie and found the one I was looking for. So the defect I am seeing is Search on iOS all notes that contain Pumpkin does not display all occurrences . The Search on a Mac does.
  2. This AM EN Web Clipper was not responding. Did not remove or reinstall. Logged in to EN to view these blogs as a member. Restarted my system (saw EN was syncing) then went back to what I wanted to clip and everything worked as expected. However I only have the one account. Dave
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