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  1. Hello. Firstly, I downgraded my account to the free account. But, today I got billed for another year of premium, and there's no record of any kind that I had in fact downgraded my account. Secondly, I tried to use the support page to send an email request for assistance, but it keeps logging me out. I log in, and immediately get logged out with no explanation. I can log into Evernote Web no worries at all, but I cannot log into Evernote support at all. I need to be fully refunded for a renewal I should never have been billed for.
  2. for Mac users only, all other OS versions have been dropped. I didn't realise I had posted on a Mac only thread, I thought this was a general thread.
  3. Here's the official blurb: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/214920608
  4. Skitch has been permanently dropped. Some of it's internal features have been incorporated into Evernote, but the app itself is no more. I just had to find a download source elsewhere so that I could install on my newly rebuilt desktop. I'll be keeping this installer on file permanently I think. Such a horrible end for such a useful and brilliant app.
  5. What are you people thinking? Ok, I understand that looking after multiple apps can be an issue, but couldn't you simply do one final version of Skitch that is completely stand-alone, not in anyway connected with Evernote, and make it permanently available in final version form as a screenshotting app? I mean, it's a brilliant app. I have never used it in partnership with Evernote, I've always used it for quality screenshotting, for copying things I need into a variety of apps. I've found it especially useful for creating help sheets for people. How can you say that you care about your users w
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