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  1. oh ok,, i understand now. . .i'm also just think like that before. .hmm, seems like your explanation make me relieved. . . .n i can now continue my works as usual. .well done sir. . .thanks for your help n i'm happy to have a great conversation with u. . .
  2. yes, i could share information to the personal email. . .but why i can't share to email group???.i have try but no one in the group get the note. . .n for your information, i've been install the evernote for every office desktop before i try to share information, but it still failed whenever i have been try it for many time. .. .i hope u can help me sir. .huhu
  3. i have been trying for several time between 3 computer but however the information that i try to share via email is unsuccesful. . .seems like it failed to comunicate each other. .can u pls teach me the right step???.so i can solve this problem quickly. .i could not understand how to share information with other office desktop very well. . .n i have to complete my proposal about evernote before i can set up evernote to every desktop in my office. . .thank you sir for your cooperation to help me. .i appreciate it. . .sory if i cant speak english very well. .huhu
  4. Can we share information between my desktop with other office desktop???. because my office wants to use Evernote to communicate with staff. This involves between 20 and 30 computers in the office. plss someone give me an answer to solve this. . .thanks you
  5. thanks csihilling for your info, now i can use evernote on my desktop. . .i appreciate it
  6. what kind of problem is this??.can anyone explain to me. .why is this happen. .i cant install evernote on my window xp desktop office. .my connection was ok but the installation is already failed. . .i could not understand what happen. .have try another different version but there is still the same problem. . .thanks for your cooperation!! this problem happened!!! | could not connect to server | | you need to be online to register or perform an initial sync. | | please check your internet connection. |
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