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  1. This doesn't work for me. I was offered a free upgrade by my mobile phone network provider in the UK, O2. A simple login was all that was required, allegedly. So I don't have a receipt to send you. Any other suggestions?
  2. OK, I'll try that again. It didn't work the first three times, but I'll try again. BTW, I'm not an existing Premium customer.
  3. Lots of questions here regarding the O2 premium upgrade, but no definitive answers as far as I can see. I'm an existing user and want to take advantage of the free upgrade offered by O2. How is this meant to work. I get asked for my iTunes password but stop there not wanting to get charged. What will happen if I proceed? I don't want to get caught up in a time consuming process trying to claim back the money that shouldn't have been taken from me in the first place. Can someone tell me how should the free upgrade actually work?
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