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  1. I am aware that this topic has been treated half a year ago, but I'm pretty much stuck on the same issue. As the in the original question, I am treating some notebook as my todo list. As such, I want to file some entries to belong to a specific project. However, I want this tag to be the last in the row. Being a cross-platform user, I found the colon ( : ) to be treated after the numbers on the Mac, but it is sorted before the numbers in Windows. Is there some definite answer on which special character would go behind the numbers in Windows? I'm using the German localization now, it that matters. It's starting to give me gray hair... Best regards Michael
  2. Hi Dave-in-Decatur, sorry for not answering. This is the solution I've been looking for. Thanks for showing me. Now I can get back to working with Evernote as I planned to :-) Best regarsds misy (running 6.1.2 on Windows client now)
  3. Many thanks, guys! Sorry I get back to you only today... I was able to make use of the search that csihiling suggested, it seems to work for me. I am running the view set as Ctrl + F7, with a list of notes at the top, and the actual note below it. The list of notebooks on the left hand side is open all the time. I have saved the view for quick reference. This should do it, for now.
  4. Hello community, (actually wondering if there is support staff available...) I'm lacking a view of my reminders in my windows client. As I'm usually using Evernote on my PC, I also need to find my reminders there. They should be available in the notebooks - but I never see a complete view of them. I know that there most be a huge pile of them because evernote bothers me with them on my Android app. BUt the screen is so small I don't want to review them on the mobile client, only... Running as a premium member on Windows, if you need to know. I really hope there is somebody who can cure my blindness... Best regards - and many thanks in advance - Michael
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