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  1. Can I just add my voice to the (long) list of folks suffering from this. I was so excited to get full dark when moving from Windows to Mac; this is certainly annoying.
  2. I've had a MacBook for about four days, after 20+ years on Windows. I just became a fanboy. Thanks @Terminal!
  3. Yes, templates should include Tags and likely Titles. Workaround for Titles is to just make sure your template has a first line that is the title you would like, and EN will copy it in for you. Tags I've got no workaround for, so like others will likely go back to using Duplicate Note. Would probably have been an idea to use Duplicate Note behaviour as the template for Templates to be honest...
  4. Grrrr - yes someone else missing the batch add. Is it just me, or is tagging anything in the clipper eye-wateringly slow?
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